Demurely Hardcore

It was two years ago that I visited Madrid, Spain on a mission trip.

Madrid made me fall in love with its busy streets and the broken city stole my heart.

The dirty streets, the bright nightlife, the high-heeled prostitutes, the lovely siestas, the homeless....

.....the memories will never escape.

Near the end of our trip, I decided to get my ear pierced.

I can't quite explain why I got the idea, I just thought of it and for once in my life, acted on impulse.

I wanted my piercing to be a reminder of Madrid, the memories to be relived, and to be a call to prayer. A reminder to pray for the homeless, the young girls caught up in the sex trade industry, and the missionaries showing Jesus's love to the sinful city.

I must admit, I do not pray for Madrid as much as I should. I am glad to have a reminder pierced through my skin, because it does help me not to forget.

Just a couple weeks ago, I was at a concert where the illegal sex trade and red light districts were mentioned. My fingers fiddled with the metal bar as I closed my eyes and walked right down the red light district in my mind.

Needless to say my piercing is attached to my heartstrings. Not only does it mean so much to me, but it is a great conversation starter. Not many people get to say they got pierced in another country and have a real story behind it. I get to share how amazing Madrid is and why I want to remember to pray for the city.

So my co-worker said the other night, "Sarah, I thought you were hardcore when I saw your piercing. As I've gotten to actually know you, I've realized that's not the case at all. You're actually very demure."

I just kinda chuckled and said that I was indeed hardcore. A weak attempt to protect my lack of hardcore.

But in all honestly, I am both hardcore and demure.

I am hardcore when it comes to the things I love and that I am madly passionate about.

I am demure. I am modest and I am reserved when need be. It's an active choice of maturity I believe.

Therefore, I am demurely hardcore.
p.s. That is me and Jess being hardcore and standing next to an AWESOME car in Madrid.