College is all about "finding yourself," right? Trying new things and seeing what helps to define your identity in this world.

I've have had my identity set for quite some time, but I'm continually verifying it. I find my identity in Jesus Christ. No matter how much I look to worldly things I keep going back to my love for Jesus to be the only defining thing about me. I hope and pray that shines through to some extent. I hope people do not see me as a lover of science, a lover of cooking, a lover of music, a lover of friends but that people can look at me and see I am a lover of Christ. I'm going to work on turning this love into a more public declaration. Its a relationship that helps me get through the day, to wake up and start anew even if i don't feel like it. I was made by my God to love others and to love Him. To worship and adore a risen King that knows me more than anyone on this earth will ever begin to.

The infamous question of "who am i" was answered before I was ever created, I'm just glad I've already found that answer. Who am I? A child of God, who was created to love and adore a holy God with fierce passion.

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