Thinking of A Project

So I have been thinking about the impacting the world project. I have an idea but I don't know if it is entirely plausible. This past summer I went to Mexico on a missions trip. The people in charge of the Bethshean Mission have set up and run a nursing home very successfully for several years. This is a very rural part of Mexico, with people in these tiny towns having to travel at least 2 hours on bad roads to get the least of medical care, with 6 hours to make it to a decent hospital. Every year or so doctors, dentists, and their teams go down to this rural part of Mexico to treat people for a few weeks. They are trying to raise funds to build an actual hospital where visiting physicians can treat patients with better care and facilities. I would like to make my project a fundraising project for this hospital. I do not really know how I will go about this yet, but I think it is an amazing cause.

Until other ideas come along...

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