Impacting the World

I have formalized my impacting the world project since I last blogged about it.

Project Running Title: Fundraising Effort for Bethshean Mexico Mission Clinic/Hospital

Official Dates: Spring Semester (January-May)

Purpose: To raise money in helping to build clinic/hospital in rural Mexico.

Why: Because there is a great need for medical care in this rural area, with people having to travel several hours to go to the nearest hospitals.

Who: The main project is that of Bethshean Mexico Mission, under Cris Garcia. A local doctor, Freddy Martin is also very involved in medical missions in the area and being outspoken about the importance of building this facility. FAME has partnered with Bethshean Mexico Mission, promising $50,000 of the needed $250,000.

For my fundraising project, Katie Coppinger and Alissa Rockney will be working together. We are partnering with the Christian Student Fellowship, who has been to work with Cris Garcia in this area of Mexico multiple times in the past few years.

How: We will be setting up a booth in the culp center at least once where people can purchase "bundles of bricks" for $5 of donate money.

The second possibility is speaking to the clubs associated with the medical field.

A third possibility is to speak at a colloquium, or host a fundraising gig in the Great Room.

The fourth and most promising possibility is going around and speaking to each of the ministries on campus about the hospital and its need.

We will most likely show the video that Freddy Martin has made for the project because it shows people receiving medical care as well as specific blueprints of the hospital. It would even be ideal to get Freddy to speak at our main fundraising event.

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