A project for break

I have to admit there is one project that I have fallen short on: The Why? Project.

I put a lot of thought into what I was going to study at the beginning of the semester. After a few weeks I decided on studying the Apocrypha. I am a Christian and I have never really read any historical and religiously significant texts that go along with my religion besides the Bible. Sure it is included in some special Bibles, but I have never really been exposed to it. I did not even know these other texts existed until a few years ago. I do not know much at all about them, therefore I felt it would be beneficial to research them more throughly this semester.

However, time really got away from me and I didn't get to immerse myself in studying the Apocrypha. I did enjoy a nice discussion on the Apocrypha during a Bible study early on in the year. In my World Literature class we briefly touched on the Apocrypha and other texts from the same time period. So I did learn little tidbits of information about my why project, but not enough to satisfy my curiosity.

Therefore, I will be studying the Apocrypha over Christmas break since I will have more time to focus on it.

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