Think about your life.

Think about the greatest thing you have ever done, and think about

the worst thing you have ever done. Try to remember what motivated you to

do the former, and try to remember what motivated you to do the latter.

How similar are these two motives?

Chuck Klosterman, IV

I believe the greatest thing I have ever done is realized that I have a higher purpose than just being a human living however I choose on this planet. With this realization, comes more concrete action on my part. If I was not created for this world, but yet I do have a purpose here?!? It is such a confusing concept. I feel that my purpose on earth is to further the Kingdom of God. I feel that furthering God's Kingdom and ultimately bringing God glory should be the motivation behind every single action in my life.

Therefore, I must disagree with Klosterman here. He feels that what motivated you to do your best or your worst have something in common. If my motivation for doing my best is glorifying God, I do not see how that could have anything in common with being my worst. If you had to define what motivates me at my worst moments, I believe it would be selfishness though, it would simply be the absence of living to glorify God.

I know what I have spoken about here is not very concrete, but what "motivations" in life are truly concrete?

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